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What to Expect on Your First Appointment:

The first time you visit our office, your appointment will be 90 minutes in length. This will include a review of your medical history, pregnancy history (if appropriate), exam and treatment.  The first 30 minutes is a consultation, to 

explain services, techniques, etc.  If the protocols of my office are not a good fit for you, this consultation is free and you can receive a referral for appropriate services.  

We will start your visit with an in depth discussion of your symptoms and history, followed by and examination to determine patterns of decreased range of motion, joint restrictions, and muscle tightness. All findings will be explained to you in detail so you have a thorough understanding of what is being addressed with your treatment and an appropriate course of care, including recommendations for home care.  

My personal philosophy is that patients need to feel comfortable and relaxed in order to receive optimal benefit from their treatment. All techniques will be explained clearly to ensure you have a complete understanding of my treatment methods. If you are uncomfortable with any part of the treatment, alternate techniques can be used to address the issue. All treatment sessions will include soft tissue massage focused on your problem areas. 

Follow up sessions are key to gauging your body's response to treatment. Expect to have a first follow up session within 3 to 7 days. Further sessions and treatment frequency are determined based on length of the injury time and your response to the initial treatments.

If there are other modalities or lifestyle factors that may benefit you, I will make recommendations to you, with the intention of expediting your recovery time.

If you have xrays, MRI’s reports or lab reports from other offices, please bring them with you to your initial appointment for review.

Payment is taken by check, cash, credit cards or HSA cards, and a billing statement will be supplied upon request for submission to your insurance company, who will then reimburse you directly.

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