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Labor Ready Treatment

The time to use my labor ready treatments is when you are late in your third trimester and readying your body, mind and spirit for the next phase of your life!

I often have referrals from midwives, doulas, or obstetricians when labor is eminent, braxton-hicks are getting stronger, mama is in start-stop labor, or when a woman is in her 40th to 41st week and nothing much is happening.

What I do at for these mamas is increase mobility in the pelvis, sacrum and low back, do some very nurturing, relaxing massage, and work some points to encourage labor to begin or regulate. This type of treatment is very nurturing, relaxing and encouraging.

Time permitting, I will also do longer massage sessions to encourage labor. These include massage and acupressure points for labor. I often show moms and partners/spouses the points to continue using at home.

I love helping mamas to begin their labor!! It's such a precious, sweet, time-honored tradition to be able to assist women in this special way!

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